Chain Length Calculation – How to Determine the Perfect Length for Your Chainsaw

It’s dangerous to use a chainsaw that has an improperly fitted chain.

But measuring your chainsaw’s chain length is harder than many people think. You must be willing to take your tool apart, count the drive links, and do some math.

Take a look at these tips that’ll help you get the right chain length calculation.

Safety Always Comes First

Anytime you’re working with a chainsaw, you’ll want to follow the right safety tips. The same goes for measuring a chainsaw.

Before you get started, make sure you turn off the chainsaw. Then take the carburetor box off the back side of the chainsaw so you can unplug the spark plug. This will prevent the chainsaw from turning on while you’re measuring it.

Measure Your Chainsaw Bar

You need two different measurements from your chainsaw bar: the cutting length and the full length.

Line your measuring tape up with the edge of the bar where it emerges from the chainsaw casing. Stretch it all the way to the farthest tooth of the chainsaw nose. This will give you the cutting length of your chainsaw blade. The measurement should be somewhere between 12 inches and 20 inches.

To find the full length of your blade, you have to remove the chainsaw casing that covers the rest of the blade. After you’ve removed the casing, use your measuring tape to measure the entire bar. This gives you the full length of your chainsaw bar.

Once you have these two measurements, you can put the casing back on and reattach the spark plug.

Measure the Chain

You’ll need to count each drive link on the chain to find the length of your chain. The drive links are the individual units that create the chain and connect to the chainsaw cog.

Find the pitch of your chain by picking three circular rivets and measuring the distance between them. Once you have this number, divide it by two. This gives you the chainsaw’s pitch.

Add the pitch to the number of drive links on your chain. With this number, you’ll be able to buy the right sized chain for your chainsaw.

Why These Measurements Are Important

Knowing the full length and cutting size of your bar will help you buy the right replacement chain for your chainsaw. It will tell you how big your chainsaw is and what type of chains you should look at.

The chain size of your chainsaw is the most important measurement when buying a replacement. With this number, you’ll be able to buy a chain that fits your bar.

Making the Right Chain Length Calculation

Remember, using a chainsaw that doesn’t have the right length chain can be dangerous. If you think you might have the wrong chain length calculation, you should let a professional take a look at it instead. Safety should always come first. It’s not worth putting yourself at risk to save a bit of extra money.

Need some more help replacing your chainsaw chain? Take a look at this complete guide.

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