Blue Max Chainsaw Reviews: The Blue Max 8902 V’s Blue Max 6595 Gas Powered Chainsaw

Blue Max Chainsaw products are owned by North American Tool Industry (NATI). They are made in China and can perform as well as similarly priced chainsaws on the market. To know more about Blue Max Chainsaw products read the two Blue Max Chainsaw reviews provided below.

Tree worker using a Blue Max Chainsaw

Listed below are the two top Blue Max Chainsaws that are dominating sales for the brand in the chainsaw market. These reviews contain important details about these products including their advantages and disadvantages as dependable and safe chainsaw products. By understanding this information you can easily identify which of the Blue Max Chainsaw options are ideal for your needs.

1. Blue Max 8902 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw 14″ Bar – An affordable product best for occasional home use

The Blue Max 8902 is the most popular selling model of Blue Max Chainsaw products. It’s at the budget end of the market and considering the number of features included represents good value for money. Customers who have tried this product describe it as efficient and easy to use.

However, you must remember that although this product represents good value it does not mean that it’s better than most leading brands. You can observe that there are still some features that are not available on this product but are present on more expensive brands. However the Blue Max 8902 does come with great casing with a separate chain and bar enclosed.

One of the redeeming features that this Blue Max Chainsaw has is its anti-vibration handle a feature you can rarely find on most cheap chainsaws. Its bar measures 14 inches while its chain measures 20 inches. Furthermore the fuel mixture requirement for this model is 40:1.

This chainsaw also features a kickback brake with quick response, a hand guard, and safety trigger systems, giving you all the necessary protection so you can safely operate the machine. It’s on and off switch is conveniently located on its side for quick and easy starting and stopping.


  • Value for money product
  • Anti-vibration handle
  • Quick start


  • Feels a little heavy given the smaller 14″ bar

The features of the Blue Max 8902 offers a great deal of satisfaction to most of its users. However numerous complaints have arisen where customer’s failed to comply with the instructions provided in the manual.

If you haven’t tried a gas-powered chainsaw before then you might want to ask for some expert assistance or you can simply follow the product guide provided. Ultimately this affordable gas chainsaw product is ideal for occasional use but not commercial duties.


2. Blue Max 6595 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw 18″ Bar – The best of the two with improved cutting capacity

The Blue Max 6595 boasts almost the same features as the Blue Max 8902. One of the differences however is the hard case that comes along with Blue Max 8902. This is certainly an advantage, great for storage and transporation.

However you can buy the Blue Max 6595 on Amazon for slightly cheaper than the Blue Max 8902. That’s surprising considering it also incorporates a larger 18-inch bar and chain enabling it to cut through larger 36-inch trees.

It has a 45cc gas-powered chainsaw with a built-in automatic oiler. This machine has CDI Ignition System that allows an easy quick start.  For kickback safety, it also has inertia-activated safety chain brake to switch it off. Sounds good for such a cheap unit but this can often be at the expense of getting the basics right.

The manuals for instance are a bit confusing and long winded. A quick start type instruction list would be more useful for getting the unit ready to cut and starting it safely.

The 6595 weighs about 18.89 pounds, which is heavier than more premium chainsaw models. This is the drawback of a cheaper chainsaw options. Indeed the weight of this machine may sometimes slow you down or lead to fatigue. It will require you to work a little longer to be able to complete the task, but ultimately it still gets the job done. This may be more of an issue for those who use a chainsaw professionally or on a regular basis.

If you are planning to use this regularly this might not be the model for you. The unit just doesn’t feel like it could stand up to daily use and indeed the plastic around vital components feels a little flimsy and further more isn’t precision molded to the components beneath.


  • 18″ chainsaw bar
  • Can cut trees fast
  • Good value for money
  • Automatic oiler


  • A little too heavy
  • Flimsy plastic construction in some areas
  • Hard to find spare parts locally

The Blue Max 6595 isn’t a bad product you just get what you pay for. It would be best for homeowners who occasional ly need to undertake some serious cutting. Experienced chainsaw users may find this product a little heavy but nonetheless easy to operate especially with all the automatic features. This product can easily fit into most peoples budget.

The real downside to this product is that it’s not as durable as more expensive chainsaw products which is why it is only recommended for occasional cutting.  This is why it is crucial to match your choice of chainsaw to your intended use and frequency of use before purchasing.


Why Choose A Blue Max Chainsaw?

Blue Max Chainsaw products such as the 8902 and 6595 models are perfectly adequate homeowner chainsaws. There are two main factors you need to consider if considering these products. First is what is your requirement and second is your budget. These two factors must match each other.

Although Blue Max Chainsaw products possess some features similar to expensive brands such as Husqvarna or Stihl in order to get the price down components won’t be up to the same quality and likewise aftermarket materials such as instructions may be limited.

There is a huge difference between the quality of these products and the likes of a Poulan or Husqvarna saw, which is primarily the reason why Blue Max is ideal only for occasional use, since there would be more chance of issues if constantly exposed to heavy duty cutting.

Another downside of these products is the lack of availability of spare parts from local outlets. However it’s fair to say that spares are available direct from the Blue Max Service Center directory which can be found on its website.

Blue Max Chainsaw products are actually more of a disposable chainsaw option. Once this product is damaged, it is more practical to throw it away than have it repaired. If you are willing to work with this type of chainsaw albeit occasionally, then a Blue Max Chainsaw product could be a good option.

Conclusion and the Verdict

Inexpensive chainsaws such as Blue Max Chainsaw products make an ideal option if you have a limited budget. These products offer decent quality performance but with a limited lifespan. Of the two models above we’d go for the Blue Max 6595 simply because of the better cutting capacity and larger chainsaw bar. A better case could always be purchased at a later date.

The two Blue Max Chainsaw reviews presented above are the best rated Blue Max products available in the market so you can find them easily from the likes of Amazon as well as other large retailers.


  1. I had a Poulan chainsaw. It endured many years of heavy cutting, but finally broke down beyond my ability to repair. I decided to try the Blue Max. After about 4 hours of cutting and tightening the chain every few minutes, it wouldn’t tighten anymore. The company sent me a new chain, but the same thing happened with the new chain. I have never had this to happen. I haven’t seen any reviews that mentioned this problem so I guess it’s me. What can I do? Is there another chain besides the Blue Max one?

    • Sounds like the chain is stretching on you. This is caused by over tightening. Also make sure you are getting decent oil flow to the bar. The Chineese chains are not as good a quality as American chains. They are prone to stretching.

    • Chas Marischen says:

      Buy a new Oregon chain AND bar to replace original.

  2. Matthew hampton says:

    Hello to whom it may concern….i have a bluemax saw with 20″ bar. I need to order a part if all possible. The part is the bar tensioner screw…..please feel free to call me at 270 XXX XXXX anytime

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