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Best Log Splitter Under $1000 – 3 Gas Wood Splitter Reviews

Splitting logs by hand using an axe can be a hassle, especially if it’s something that you have to do every day. But fortunately, technology has come up with an answer – the gas wood splitter.

These appliances automatically split wood for you into perfect sized chunks ready for throwing on your wood burner or just helping you to divide into more manageable pieces for storage or sale.

The manufacturers of wood splitters claim that they save people both time and money. Not only are they effective, but thanks to safety enhancements, modern appliances are also surprisingly safe.

There are many types and options of log splitter on the market. In this review, we’re going to investigate three of the top products on the market at under or around the $1000 mark to see which company makes the best log splitter.

1. WEN 56222 Lumberjack Gas Powered Log Splitter

The WEN 56222 from Lumberjack has a 212cc engine and can split logs up to 14 inches in diameter and 25 inches in length. Users get four hours of half-load runtime from a single gallon of gasoline, and the splitter is backed by a two-year warranty.

Easy to move and store

One of the benefits of this splitter is its excellent portability. It comes with two wheels which make it easy to move around. What’s more, it’s also relatively easy to store, especially when stowed in an upright position.

The machine cycles surprisingly quickly. Users aren’t usually limited by the device itself, but by the time it takes them to place additional logs in the chopping area.

Hardwoods are a challenge

There are problems with this splitter though, the main one being a lack of power. Despite its long running time, there are questions about the splitter’s ability to cut through bulkier pieces of wood. While it fares well with softwoods, hardwoods, like oak, are a challenge.

Questions have also been raised about the splitter’s longevity. Out of the box, there have been few problems. But when users come back to their splitters later, they often find that they either won’t start up again or that they don’t deliver the same kind of cutting power. Given the relatively high price of the splitter, users should expect better.


  • Impressive run time
  • Highly portable
  • Easily stored
  • Efficient splitting action
  • Fast splitting
  • Good safety features


  • Poor on hardwoods
  • Reliability issues on second use

Lack of cutting power

Although the WEN 56222 has the potential to be an excellent splitter, it lacks the build quality to stand up to constant commercial use. This splitter, despite having plenty of impressive features, doesn’t have the power or the strength for more rigorous applications.

With that said, the safety features of the device are impressive. The WED comes with a log cradle as well as safety chains to prevent accidents. Thus, it’s not a dangerous piece of equipment, just ineffective.

2. Champion Power 10025125 Ton Towable Log Splitter – Has its quirks but still the best log splitter on test

The Champion Power 100251 log splitter is a log splitter designed to cut through logs up to two feet in length and weighing over 100 pounds. It is towable and can be adjusted to chop both small and large logs.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about this splitter is its ease of use. All owners have to do is tow it to their preferred location, fill it with gas, and then set the machine in motion. Thanks to its durable build, vibrations are limited, and it has excellent longevity.

Not the most fuel efficient log splitter

One of the downsides, though, is that all that power comes at a cost. The 100251 guzzles gasoline at a rapid clip during operation, meaning that you’ll regularly have to refill the tank if you’re using it frequently.

Lots of power

Having said that, the durability and the power of the Champion Power mean that it’s an excellent choice for commercial applications, and certainly a better buy than the Lumberjack. Its sturdy build quality means that it can last through years of daily usage.

Takes time to set up properly

Another problem with the machine for domestic users is the difficulty of setting it up. Even professionals with access to the right tools often have to spend more than an hour getting it operational.

With that said, the machine itself cuts through wood like a knife through hot butter. The cutting action is strong, even on hardwoods.


  • Powerful cutting action even with hardwoods
  • Easy to wheel around
  • Durable build
  • Suitable for commercial applications
  • Low vibrations
  • Excellent safety features


  • High fuel usage
  • Hard to set up

Reliable, with a strong cutting action

Although the Champion Power 100251 is a little harder to set up than the Lumberjack WEN 56222, it provides a host of benefits. It’s more reliable, has a stronger cutting action and is suitable for commercial applications. Given that the cutter is in the same price range, it appears to offer far better value for money for users who intend to use their cutters for months or years on end.

3. Yardmax YS 2565 25 Ton Gas Log Splitter

The Yardmax YS2565 is a splitter which offers both horizontal and vertical splitting actions. It has a patent-pending 4-way wedge and two log cradles, as well as a U-beam design which the manufacturer claims is a lot stronger than the regular I-beam.

Quiet operation

The standout feature of the Yardmax YS 2565 is how quietly it operates. Thanks to the improved onboard muffler, it’s a lot quieter than the majority of the competition, making it suitable for domestic use. It also has the option to operate at half power for smaller logs, meaning that users can adjust both the noise level and fuel usage.

Unlike the Champion Power, assembly is straightforward and doesn’t require the use of specialist tools or expert knowledge of parts.

Sometimes multiple attempts are required to cut

Though it’s not a major concern, one of the problems with the splitter during operation is the need for multiple attempts. This isn’t due to a lack of power per se, but a lack of cutting blade length. If the cutting edges were just a half-inch longer, then the splitter wouldn’t need a second pass.

Motor mount bolts might need tightening

The biggest problem with the Yardmax, however, is the motor mount bolts. After extended periods of use, these bolts can become dislodged and need tightening up. Though simple Locktite will fix the problem, this is something that the manufacturers should have solved before the product shipped, not something left for the customer to sort out.


  • Excellent strength
  • Quiet operation
  • Cuts through hard and soft wood
  • Suitable for home and commercial use
  • Adjustable for different log sizes


  • Issues with motor housing bolts
  • Sometimes needs multiple passes to split logs

Flexibility of splitting position

All told, the Yardmax is a solid competitor to the Champion Power. But thanks to the fact that it can be used in both the vertical and horizontal position, as well as its quiet operation and easy setup, it’s more targeted towards home use than business.

With that said, this machine will stand up to the rigours of commercial operation with appropriate care. Though questions have been raised about the quality of some of the components, the vast majority are made in the US to American standards.

The Verdict: The Best Log Splitter Under $1000 (or thereabouts!) Revealed

When it comes to home use, the Yardmax is preferred to the Lumberjack because of its superior build quality and strength. Although both models offer convenient options for domestic users, like the ability to store upright and easily tow to the correct site, the Yardmax is a better thought out product.

Best for commercial applications

For commercial applications, the choice is clear: the Champion Power offers both superior cutting power as well as longevity. The Champion Power can be used in the home, but this is not recommended because it is difficult to set up. For this reason, inexperienced home users are advised to opt for the Yardmax.

All three machines take the effort out of splitting wood, but those with large pieces of wood will need to opt for the more powerful machines: the Yardmax and the Champion Power. Overall, the Champion Power offers the best value for money and is the winner.

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